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Return of the Prodigal

I have not updated in FOREVER. I am a bad, bad person. However, I come bearing a new Ishkabibble Episode - finally! Though this time is sadly a short one.

Chapter 11

Previously on the GUCCI challenge:
Andrew found out about Ion's infidelity and moved out, taking his son Asteroid with him. Ion moped a lot. Andrew tried to move on with his life but found it hard. His and Ion's daughter, Idalee, eventually got the two of them talking again. Things were beginning to maybe warm up. And then Ion's father Phoenix died, and Ion turned to the only person who could really help. He and Andrew ended up kissing in Andrew's front garden.

Warning: this chapter may contain material some people find offensive.

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New house for Adam and Nimue

Using the Peanut Street house as a template.

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Nimue and Adam are really excited about their new house!

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Have yourself a smutty little Christmas...

Normally I try to make stories with lots of plot. But, as it's Christmas, what better time to have a thin plot used as an excuse to have pretty people get it on? Anyway, I hope you will find that the following increases your Christmas cheer! Not suitable for the underage, and definitely not safe for work. Also an excuse to bring out Nimue du Lac, who recently featured in the idiosyncra_sims challenge!

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The doorbell rings and my stomach flutters. It's him. Adam. I smooth down my shirt, pat my hair, and pretend that I haven't spent three hours putting together a "casual" look. We have been friends for years, but he's never seemed to realise that I love him. I open the door...

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It's been ages since I've done any simming, but I have just created a new boy who I've completely fallen for! He's called Valentine Kortoth, and there will be a story forthcoming for him. For now, though, take a look at the pics and wonder about his backstory! :D

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More pics from this house, plus a plea for ideas about garden landscaping...

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Gucci: Chapter 9 (Gens 5 & 6)


Ion betrayed his husband Andrew with their neighbour Ben Long... And immediately regretted it. What repercussions will there be of this dangerous afternoon of passion?

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Nov. 6th, 2006

I'm being storyteller spotlighted on simstorytellers! Go here to ask me questions. Go on, make me look popular! Please? :)
If you liked my recent tarot card post, vote for Nimue (and any other ladies you liked!) here: http://www.livejournal.com/poll/?id=845885

It would be fun to get past the first round! I know there were far superior contestants, but I also think I did quite a good job, so if you think I deserve a vote, I'd appreciate it!